Caprese Salad at Da Mario Celbridge

(V) Suitable for Vegetarians

(GF) Available Gluten Free

Le Insalate - Salads

(As starter or as side order)

Caprino Alla Griglia (V) (GF)
Grilled marinated goats cheese served on a bed of beetroot and rocket salad drizzled with homemade balsamic dressing                                                                                    
Pollo Pepato Con Spinaci  (GF)
Chargrilled hot peppered chicken breast served on a bed of fresh spinach leaves and slices of Braeburn apple drizzled with natural yogurt and fresh chopped chives
Italian Platter (Gf)
Tomato bruschetta, parma ham, salame napoli, salame milano, mozzarella and rocket salad
For one
For two

Insalata Cesare (GF)
Cos salad served with caesar dressing & sprinkled with lightly roasted diced pancetta, parmesan cheese and herbs croutons
With Chargrilled Chicken
Main Course Portion